What do Employees want From Their Workplace

A study by Human Spaces on the impact of the work environment on employee welfare interviewed 36,000 people on what matters most to them in their workplace. The most popular answer, which gained over 40%, was natural light. This was a result of working in dim fluorescent light, which forced many office workers to spend their weekdays for many years. Among five popular answers were also indoor plants (18%), bright colors found in nature (15%), sea view (20%) and quiet work environment (22%).

This study showed that employees are eager to bring elements of nature into their work environment. While not every city office, let alone Moscow office, may have a sea view, with high rental and compactness prices, office managers can certainly meet other needs of their team by applying simple, cost-effective workplace updates.

Natural Lighting

Even in a closed office block with several windows, there is still a chance to get natural light. The solution may be daylight bulbs that provide more natural and pleasant light than the bright lamps often found at work. Better lighting will increase concentration and may even reduce the risk of weakness syndrome. Daylight bulbs are also excellent for growing indoor plants, so you can save on extra lighting for plants in your office and be able to place them not only near windows, but also in more distant places where they were previously impossible to place due to poor lighting conditions.

Quiet Workspaces

It’s nice to communicate during work, but when there’s too much extraneous noise around, it can be incredibly distracting, especially when you’re working in a rubble and you need the ultimate concentration. This is a problem faced by many open-plan offices like Open-Space, and one effective way to fix this without a major design change is to use green barriers and plant screens. Plants have been proven to absorb noise, and creating partition walls out of them is a simple and stylish way to provide workers with visual privacy.

Room Plants

Introduction of plants in the office – is such a simple solution to many problems in the workplace, which for some reason often forget about! We firmly believe that every workplace should have enough lush green plants, or at least they should be visible from it all the time. Even a small ficus or zomiokulkas near the monitor will help to translate the look and relieve the tension. Studies have shown that the presence of greenery on the eye line can increase productivity up to 32%!

Sea view

Although we cannot carry the sea under our office windows, and the available water bodies are sometimes rather depressing, we can still improve the environment by placing objects of art that represent the marine element: paintings depicting waves, art objects and fountains that emit water streams and reproduce its noise. A recent CanvasPop survey showed that 77 percent of employees believe art makes them feel happier, 74 percent said it inspires them, and 27 percent said attractive decoration has improved their performance.

Bright colors

This is another problem in the workplace, and its solution is incredibly easy. Paint the gray walls into a soothing, calm green color to create a sense of nature. Remember to add lots of flowering plants for an abundance of color and fragrance that will keep your employees motivated and happy throughout the day. Unpretentious anturiums, spatifillums, motley calateias and aglonaemas, chic crotons and jewelry are your choice!

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