How is it Easier to Add Nature to your Home? Set up Indoor Plants!

Some abandon plants for fear of their imminent death, but there are options for the most careless gardeners. A good option for a novice grower would be a scarlet, fatty or spatifillum. If you are still hesitant about whether to start plants, here are three reasons in favor of the “start” option.

1. Plants clean the air

We remember the lessons of biology: we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, while plants in the process of photosynthesis produce oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide. Without plants, we would have suffocated! We like the fresh air, which becomes so thanks to tens and hundreds of plants in the streets. Bringing plants home, we refresh the air in this house. Plants can absorb such toxic substances as formaldehyde and benzene. The bigger and greener the plant, the better it purifies the air.

2. Room plants decorate your home

No matter how ascetic or motley the design of your room, there is always an ideal plant for it. Green will be a bright accent that complements the natural colors and textures. Air plants, particularly tillandsia, are ideal for minimalist aesthetics. Let the ornamental ivy wrap the shelf to refresh your home and bring warmth. If you are looking for something more vivid, pay attention to the senpolia (better known as room violets), they bloom several times a year in flowers from tender pink to dark purple. Put the senpolia in a bright cachepot and the window sill will play with colors even when it doesn’t bloom. Another favorite of designers among indoor plants – succulents, seriously think about them.

3. Plants can reduce the level of stress

This amazing effect begins with the roots, the soil. According to the author of Forbes, the soil in the pot contains microorganisms that act as natural antidepressants. Tactile contacts with plants also reduce stress, similar to the way animal therapists work. Another anti-stress plant – lavender, lavender oil is used for relaxation, but also live flowers of lavender will give the same effect.

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