About Us

ClikTop is a place where creative souls connect and give roots to beautiful and extraordinary ideas; a place that takes inspiration from diverse natural beauty around to craft an unmatched collection of goods and services. We specialize in creating living art pieces from wood pieces, cactuses, succulents etc., and treat each of our creations as a unique manifestation of our work.
We offer a thoughtful and detail-oriented collection of indoor and outdoor plants, nature-based art objects and home decor products like terrariums, miniature gardens, fairy gardens, plants in terracotta, ceramic, concrete and wooden planters, to delight your soul. Our products are carefully designed and curated with keen attention on aesthetics and function.
Behind each of our products and services is a passion to deliver the bundle of love, joy and smile that connects us to the world around. We customise green gifting for your individual and corporate requirements. We customise terrarium and wooden art objects for your specific requirements. Terrarium kits also available for plant enthusiasts who love to experiment with plants and ideas.

We welcome you to come, explore and be a part of this unique journey ….



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