A Miracle in a Bottle or How to Make a Terrarium for Plants with your Own Hands

True human fantasy has no limits! It would seem that all hobbies are already invented, have long been known, and to offer something new is quite difficult. However, there are such craftsmen, who draw their ideas right from the air. They are able to place in a glass jar not much, but the whole world is small and very nice.

Of course, it is a world of plants, or rather an unusual hobby – creating terrariums for representatives of flora. Of course, this hobby is something similar to our usual hobby of indoor plants, but it is not quite so. First of all, a terrarium for plants should be considered as an autonomous ecosystem, in which all plants interact with each other.

The idea of creating an unusual mini-garden came to Jeff Schneider, Art Director of James Modern Terrariums. Throughout his life he was interested in the life of plants. Not being able to grow his favorite flowers on earth, Jeff eventually decided to create his own interpretation of the terrarium using glass containers and minimal plantings. And today, his so-called florariums are widely known around the world and it is possible to create such a green little world for the original addition of home decor with your own hands. It is much easier than it may seem. How to make a terrarium with flowers:

What you need

Open or closed glass container of any shape
Gravel (glass, sea pebbles, decorative stones)
Activated charcoal
Suitable indoor plants for a mini-garden. Important: You should select plants only depending on the nature of their interaction!
Special flower soil
Moss (not obligatory).

How to do

1. At the bottom of a clean terrarium, pour a thin layer of gravel to drain off excess water. Small stones create good drainage.

2. The next layer is activated charcoal, which absorbs harmful organic substances and other bacteria and prevents the appearance of mold and fungi.

3. If you want, you can add a layer of moss sphagnum. It is also effective in protecting against fungi and mold and prevents soil from getting on the lowermost layer, which gives the composition a neat and integral look.

4. This is followed by the soil layer. Important: The soil is selected according to the preferences of future terrarium residents.

5. And the last stage – the planting of plants. Note that this is suitable only for small plants that like moisture. All of them should have approximately the same needs in terms of frequency of watering, level of importance and amount of light. In addition, it is important to make sure that the plants complement each other aesthetically. Often, to create such a mini-garden used succulents, feel good in not very large containers and other indoor flowers – begonias, crotrons, marantes, calatei, ferns, Uzambar violets.

6. For the final design of the florarium can be used decorative stones, dry twigs covered with lichen, acorns, etc.

7. After completion, you should remove the remains of soil and sand from the leaves of plants with a soft brush.

This is how you can easily create an original designer mini-garden with your own hands in a few easy steps. Once you want to, and everyone can add to your home a little more life and colors with an evergreen little miracle!

Creative success to you!

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